Battery Repair

First thing to check is that you are using the Tablet supplied charger, or at least a tablet charger that has the same output as the charger supplied by the Tablet manufacturer. This output can be read on the Tablet manufacturers' charger and the two important pieces of information will be the voltage.

Display Repair

As the main mode of interaction between you and your apps, the tablet display is vitally important. Any damage inflicted will degrade the reliability of the component, and short of paying for a replacement display and digitizer, you will need to make sure the tablet display is kept safe and intact at any times.

Software Repair

The main factor in the experience for a tablet PC is going to be the operating system. It is the basis for the whole experience including the interface gestures, application support and even what features a device can actually support.

Camera Repair

Probably the camera lens of your tablet camera is not working anymore or broken. However, you can try to do the reset if you want to see whether it is because of many apps you have installed. Hold in the power button for about 40-50 secs while setting the volume into its maximum level, then wait until the pop-up window appears they do the reset.

MIC Repair

The internal microphone is located near the top of the tablet LCD display or near the bottom of the tablet LCD display near the hinge. Use the following best practices to better capture sound with the microphone. Adjust the tablet screen to place the microphone in the best direction for receiving sound.

Speaker Repair

The volume setting for one or more sound devices might be disabled or set too low. There are several things that can change sound volume: the volume control tablet and volume controls in sound software. If any of these volume controls are muted or set too low, the entire sound experience is affected.

Virus Issue

When purchasing your tablet I was told that there would be no need to install anti-virus software for web browsing. I’ve always been sceptical of this advice, and I now notice that major anti-virus manufacturers are producing protection for nexus tablet.

Slow Browsing Repair

Wi-Fi connection is not stable on the tablet, then to solve the tablet. slow Wi-Fi issue you need to download Ping Meter from Google Play store and then whenever you turn on the Wi-Fi connection, start the Ping Meter. To do this follow the below steps Go to google play and search for PING, From there download PingMeter on your tablet.

No Sound Repair

If you're having trouble with the tablet sound, tablet volume, tablet audio playback, or tablet recording on Surface, or if you're having trouble with a nexus tablet audio accessory such as headphones, external speakers, or a mic, here are some things to try. Check audio accessory connections, Adjust the volume, Adjust microphone settings, Install or update drivers manually.

Touch Screen Repair

Touch screen devices are becoming necessity nowadays and they are continuously replacing physical keypads and keyboards on tablets. Tablet Touch Screen Not Working Problem Fix Restart Your nexus tablet, Eject Memory Card and Sim, Remove Any Cases, Hard Reset your tablet

Wireless Repair

If your wireless network isn’t working properly with your Tablet, it may be a problem with the WiFi or it may be a problem with the Tablet’s connection to the WiFi signal. Use your computer’s troubleshooting tools to check its configuration. Plus, each wireless device has a built-in configuration and setup screen you can access from your computer.

Headphone Jack Repair

There is no way to fix tablet audio jack problem one that is broken or not working correctly unless you pay more than it would cost to just replace it. Before beginning any tablet headphone jack repairs, check your sound settings on the nexus tablet and try restarting it to see if that fixes the problem.